Amruth is a programme we have newly started aims to provide food to poor and most needy persons. In our area there are many families, who have very less or no earnings. This may be due to their illness or old age and loneliness or any other reasonable cause. In this situation we decided to provide two packets of prepared food to these families- one for noon and another for night. We are getting support from all kind of persons, including students, labourers, Govt and non govt employees, NRIs, NGOs, Clubs, Youth organizations, Political-Social and Religious organizations Elected Peoples’ Representatives etc. With their support now we are providing food to 106 persons from 63 families. We are getting new applications and suggestions to extend the number and area. Based on the support and financial assistance, we can expand the programme. Other than the financial assistance, we are getting support from many persons to pack and distrib- ute the food. Each day more than 8 persons voluntarily coming to help us.

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