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Jal Jeevan mission

Rajiv Youth Foundation take part a major role in implementation of Jal Jeevan Mission in Kerala, Foundation is the implementing support agency for 50 gramapanchayats in 9 Districts in Kerala. RYF has assigned by the water resources ministry for organising events on the occasion of World water day during the year 2022.

Amruth hunger free manjeri

Amruth is a programme we have newly started aims to provide food to poor and most needy persons. In our area there are many families, who have very less or no earnings. This may be due to their illness or old age and loneliness or any other reasonable cause. In this situation we decided to provide two packets of prepared food to these families- one for noon and another for night. We are getting support from all kind of persons, including students, labourers, Govt and non govt employees, NRIs, NGOs, Clubs, Youth organizations, Political-Social and Religious organizations Elected Peoples' Representatives etc. With their support now we are providing food to 106 persons from 63 families. We are getting new applications and suggestions to extend the number and area. Based on the support and financial assistance, we can expand the programme. Other than the financial assistance, we are getting support from many persons to pack and distrib- ute the food. Each day more than 8 persons voluntarily coming to help us.

Suraksha truckers

In the year 2008, Rajiv Youth Foundation started the implimentation of Truckers Project. National AIDS control programme, priorities HIV prevention among truckers as a key Programme compnent. We have a clinic, HIV testing and counseling centre, resting room with TV, DVD and recrational facilities and 24 x 7 days open Comfort station for truckers at Walayar. We also running a mobile clinic with the service of doctor to provide health care to truckers coming to industrial area of Plakakkd district

Watershed Development Programme

Decentralized planning on the basis of water shed development is perceived as the sustainable development model Western Ghat development programme is such a natural resource management programme which aims at the eco restoration of western Ghat areas through integrated approaches in soil conservation, agriculture and animal husbandry. The main activities envisaged include conservation of natural water bodies, creation of water recharging structure, improvement of soil fertility and provision for livelihood development in agriculture, animal husbandry and allied sectors.

Integrated Watershed Development Programme (IWDP)

Aimed at comprehensive development of watershed in a Block Panchayath area which crosses the limits of a single Panchayath. Thus IWDP envisages the convergence of all resources in a block Panchayath area based on the data prepared with the help of GIS studies. GIS is used to delineate various geographical formations cropping patterns and natural water bodies. Activities are proposed on a large scale covering a wide area, over a period of 3- years and ensuring step by step implementation right from DPR formation. Periodic monitoring and reporting ensures proper implementation of the project. RYF is entrusted with preparation of detailed project report-DPR in these Panchayaths after conducting elaborate exercises such as PRA, surveys, field visits data collection consolidation, preparation of preliminary action plan, exploring convergence opportunities with other agencies and final submission of projects Besides, once the funds are allotted we are supposed to associate with various agencies to implement those activities including capacity building.

Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bhavan

As part of the celebration of Rajiv Gandhi's 70th Birth Anniversary (Sapthathi) we started a few social commitment programmes like "Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bhavan:" Constructions of 3 houses have already been strayed expected to begin yet another 25 houses, those of which paper works have been completed, with the participation and co operation of State Housing Board, OICC Malappuram District Committee Jeddah, OICC Committee, Karuvarakundu, other kind hearted organisations, institutions and individuals.

SILAI School

Rajiv Yoth Foundation was selected as a channel partner of SILAI School founded by Usha International for providing advance training in fashion technology and designing for the women from deprived sections of the society. The project was started in April 2012 in which 20 women were given free residential training with stipend in fashion designing. More over they were provided with a free sewing machine worth Rs 3000 to help them to provide further training to other interested women in their vicinity.

Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bhavan

As part of the celebration of Rajiv Gandhi's 70th Birth Anniversary (Sapthathi) we started a few social commitment programmes like "Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bhavan:" Constructions of 3 houses have already been strayed expected to begin yet another 25 houses, those of which paper works have been completed, with the participation and co operation of State Housing Board, OICC Malappuram District Committee Jeddah, OICC Committee, Karuvarakundu, other kind hearted organisations, institutions and individuals.


This Is a Project Under Kerala Rural Water Supply and Sanitation Agency (RRWSA) Water Govt Of Kerala This Project aims to Provide Sufficient quantity of pure drinking water to all peoples living in this Panchayath The estimated cost of this project is 10 crores

Suraksha MSM Project

In June 2006, RYF implemented Suraksha Project (HIV/AIDS prevention project under Kerala State Aids Control Society) at Palakkad District. In the beginning, it was a composite project of Female Sex Workers (FSW) and MSM. Meanwhile, RYF could intervene more among the MSM group. So the MSM project carried out by Lions also been gifted to RYF and the FSW project given to Lions in 2008 and then onwards, RYF started intervention among the MSM group of whole Palakkad district.

Bleed for the Nation

Blood cannot be manufactured - it can only come from generous donors. The gift of blood is the gift of life. There is no substitute for human blood. Every two seconds someone needs blood. More than 38,000 blood donations are needed every day. A total of 30 million blood components are transfused each year. But donors were not available because of certain misunderstanding related to blood donation and health. Some false beliefs are also there, like females were not supposed to donate blood etc. 'Bleed for the Nation' is a web portal introduced by Rajiv Youth Foundation in order to help pubic to get donor easily. In this portal anybody who willing to donate blood can enter their details and anybody need blood can enter in to this portal and find out the list and address of volunteer donors from there near by places.

waste management programme

Rajiv Youth Foundation is an approved agency under Suchitwa Misson for implementing waste management programmes at Panchayath Raj Institutions. This year we started to implement waste management programmes at Malappuram municipallitty and planing to start it in Manjeri Municipality.

rajiv gandhi civil service academy

The number of Keralites in the list of winners of Civil Services is very less being consider the fact that Kerala is the most literate and one of the most developed states in the country. Through a serious approach we can make more students pass the examination. This project aims to provide the most relevant and comprehensive coaching to the Civil Services aspirants by considering all the parameters in this regard. We identify most talented students through entrance test and we arrange the scholarship (fully free to few and 25 to 75% of Course fee to others) to the eligible can- didates with the help of organizations and individuals. So that we can ensure no body is missing the opportunity to get good guidance due to financial crisis and lack of good coaching centers in nearby places. By using the support of most talented faculties with us, we are offering the best suited guidance programmes which help in realizing the candidates' dreams into a reality.

Gramashree Mela

In December 2011 at Calicut was another venture held with the financial assistance from CAPART. A week long exhibition of rural products from across the state was presented before urban consumers of Calicut Corporation. This helped them to understand the needs and tastes of urban consumers while the consumers could get an idea regarding the variety and quality of the products of the rural folk. A buyer seller meet, a technical session on packaging and various cultural programmes were also organised during the event.


Kanivu (Compassion) is a humanitarian activity.In this way, Rajiv Youth foundation which is aimed at providing nutritional support to the HIV affected children in Malap- puram district, to provide them nutritious foods and thus to prolong their life. These innocent victims hail from poor families and hence their parents are unable to afford the costs involved. The activities are run purely as a charity, supported by well wishers of RYF and funds generated by its own.

Micro finance and Micro enterprise

Rajiv Youth Foundation formed more than 200 SHGS in the villages of Malappuram so as to strengthen their financial status through the principles of thrift and credit based on self help. Besides it had provided a microfinance support of Rs 25 lakhs for the use of members. The money was utilized for various income generation activities such as dairying, goat rearing, vegetable cultivation as well as other petty trading activities. The capital for microfinance was lent by Canara Bank.

ANGELS - Active Network Group of Emergency Life Savers

Angels is an innovative effort aimed at ensuring the immediate, emergency medical care during accidents and disaster. Pre-Hospital Care is primarily to identify the intensity of the sickness of the patient and provide immediate appropriate preliminary care at the spot itself. The system will also transport the sick or dangerously injured victims safely to the nearest health care facility by providing required basic all advanced life support measures. Rajiv Youth Foundation is a partner organization of ANGELS took key role to implement this programme in Malappuram, Wayanad and Palakkad districts. The pro- gramme aims to enhance and enforce the Pre- Hospital Care to reduce the mortality and morbidity of victims of trauma emergency cases, outside the hospitals and delivering the health care system at the door step of hapless and ailing needy of the city

Farmers Club

Formation of farmers clubs are an extension activity of NABARD intended at formation of farmer groups, provide necessary technical trainings and exposure visits as well as financial support for upgradation of their activity Rajiv Youth Foundation was selected as an agency for the formation of farmers clubs under NAB- ARD in Malappuram district. More than 100 farmers were organised in s clubs Microenterprises such as dairy goat rearing and vegetable farming has started under these clubs.

Santhwanam - Medical aid for poors

This is the programme to help poor people to get medical aid. we conducted medical camps in various places. It includes General Medical Camps, Specialty Medical Camps, Cancer Detection Camps, Heart Surgery Camps etc. In these camps we did not charge any registration fee and the treatment and medicine distribution were at free of cost. We conducted Heart disease detection camps as part of our programme 'Hrydayapoorvam' and provide financial and other as- sistance to two poor patients to conduct their surgery successfully.

AIDS Free Palakkad

Rajiv Youth Foundation is making a sustained effort to create an AIDS Free Palakkad as its worst HIV/AIDS affected district in Kerala by bringing under one umbrella all the Voluntary organizations, Social service, Public health organizations in Palakkad district to create a new AIDS Free Palakkad in future.

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