Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bavan

Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bhavan is a project implementing by Rajiv youth Foundation to help the needy and poor to construct house the aim of this project is to help the homeless poor families to build on houses by providing financial and other kind of a support.

We are implementing this project in Association with Kerala state Housing Board under Government of Kerala.

To build a house with 710 square feet area and two bedroom we need around rupees 5 lakh Kerala state Housing Board will provide Rupees 2 lakhs as their share for every house under this scheme and we Rajiv youth Foundation will provide the remaining RS 3 lakhs and the the beneficiaries among this we will arrange Rupees 2 lakhs as a cash and the other Rs 1 lakhs as a materials.

This year we are observing the 28th death anniversary of our former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi as an organisation in this name our aim is to complete and and over 25 houses by this year we have already started the work of 16 houses and true among this completed the work of remaining 14 houses in in is in progress.

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