Suraksh MSM Project

In June 2006, RYF started implementing the Suraksha project (HIV / AIDS prevention project under Kerala state AIDS control society) at Palakkad district. 
In the beginning, it was the composite project of female sex workers (FSW) and MSM mean while RYF could Intervene more among the MSM group, So the MSM project carried out by lions also been gifted to RYF, and the FSW project given to lions in 2008 and then onwards, RYF started intervention among the MSM group of whole Palakkad district.

APPOLO Heaalth Care Project

And youth Foundation Apollo Health Care Centre in a graded by honorable Home Minister Sri. Ramesh Chennithala.
Apollo Health Care Centre Apollo Tyres Health Care Centre AC targeted intervention project of Apollo Tyres foundation and is implementing by Rajiv youth Foundation the project mainly focuses on prevention of HIV/AIDS among the long-distance truck drivers promoting safer sex practices and health-seeking behavior among buckles and it is associates.
The project covers the area of the vallarpadam container terminal which is the biggest terminal in Kerala. 
The main beneficiaries of this project are the community from different parts of India. 
This center provides services such as General medical checkups, psychological counseling, STI treatment, Awareness creation about HIV/AIDS, STI, Alcoholism, Drug abuse, TB, etc… 
Those workers register registering this clinic will be eligible to use facilities in 25 centers in India. 
We conduct health camps and mind media activities like IPC sections, Magic show, Puppet show, Treat place, Audiovisual shows, Infotainment program, etc… to create awareness among the people and to give better service. 

Kanivu project for HIV affected Childrens.

Is a humanitarian activity run by Rajiv youth Foundation which is aimed at providing industrial support to the HIV-affected children in Malappuram district they are provided with rupees 250/- per month so as to provide them nutritious food and thus prolong their life.

These innocent victims hail from poor families and hence their parents are unable to afford the cost involved. 
The activities are run purely as Charity supported by good wishers of our and funds generated by its own.

Suraksha Truckers Project

In the year 2008, Rajeev youth Foundation started the implementation of crackers projects National AIDS control program priorities HIV prevention among Truckers AISE as a key program component.
We have a clinic, HIV testing and counseling center resting room with TV, DVD, and recreational facilities, and 24*7 days open Comforts station for Truckers at walayar.

We also running a mobile clinic with the service of doctors to provide Healthcare to Truckers coming to in Industrial Area of the Palakkad district.

Rajiv Gandhi Civil Service Academy

The number of Kerala latest in the list of winners of civil services is very less being considered the fact that Kerala is the most literate and one of the most developed states in the country, through a serious approach we can make more students pass the examination. 
This project aims to provide the most relevant and comprehensive coaching to the Civil Services aspirants  by considering all the parameters in this regard we identify the most talented students through entrance test and we have arranged the scholarship (Fully free to few and 25 of the 75%, of course, we to others) To The Eligible can candidates with the help of organizations
and individuals.
So that we can ensure nobody is missing the opportunity to get good guidance due to financial crisis and lack of a good coaching center in nearby places. 
By using the support of the most talented faculty with us we are offering the best-suited guidance program which helps in realizing the Candidiasis dreams into a reality. 
Catch them young civil service program is a program we are implementing in Association within sprint IAS academy the aim of this program is to identify and gloom the talents at their respective schools in a systematic and cost-effective manner staying apart from the concerned.

Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bavan

Rajiv Gandhi Sneha Bhavan is a project implementing by Rajiv youth Foundation to help the needy and poor to construct house the aim of this project is to help the homeless poor families to build on houses by providing financial and other kind of a support.

We are implementing this project in Association with Kerala state Housing Board under Government of Kerala.

To build a house with 710 square feet area and two bedroom we need around rupees 5 lakh Kerala state Housing Board will provide Rupees 2 lakhs as their share for every house under this scheme and we Rajiv youth Foundation will provide the remaining RS 3 lakhs and the the beneficiaries among this we will arrange Rupees 2 lakhs as a cash and the other Rs 1 lakhs as a materials.

This year we are observing the 28th death anniversary of our former Prime Minister Shri Rajiv Gandhi as an organisation in this name our aim is to complete and and over 25 houses by this year we have already started the work of 16 houses and true among this completed the work of remaining 14 houses in in is in progress.

AMRUTH Hunger Free Manjeri

Amruth is a programme we have newly started aims to provide food to poor and most needy persons. In our area there are many families who have very less or no earnings. this may be due to their illness or old age and loneliness or any other reasonable cause. In this situation we decided to provide two paketes of prepared food to these families one for noon and onother for night.

We are getting support from all kind of persons, including students, laboures, Govt and Non Govt employees, NRI’S Clubs, Youth Organisations, Political-Social and Religious organisations, Elected peoples’ Representatives etc. With their support now we are providing food to 70 persons Based on the support and assistance, we are getting support from many persons to pak and distrbute the food. Each day more than 8 persons voluntarily coming to help us.
To receive financial assistance to tis programme we are maintaining a seperate bank account with HDFC Manjeri branch in the name as Rjiv youth Foundation and account and Account No.03081450000036, RTGS/NEFT/IFSC: HDFCOOOO306