Trade and Tourism Shows

we had been organizing trade and tourism shows across the state from 2002 onwards and the proceeds were used for various welfare activities.
Eye surgery camps, free medical camp, a donation to Charity and fund of local bodies, Aid for education and treatment of poor families exedra include the human strain activities taken up by the organization.
The last one on the list is Flower show known dictated and Manjeri in May 2012. stalls were given for free of the rank for a government department and self-help groups so that the foot act Asianet Avenue for the extension activities where is sectors and helps for the SHG members for finding out the market for their produce

BLEED For The Nation Project

Blood cannot be manufactured – it can only come from generous Donors. 
The gift of blood is the gift of life. 
There is no substitute for human blood. 
Every Two someone needs blood. 
More than 38000 blood donations are needed every day a total of 30 million blood components are trust transfused each year. 
But donors were not available because of a certain misunderstanding related to blood donation and health. 
Some false Beliefs are also there like females were not supposed to donate blood etc.
“Bleed for the nation” is a web portal introduced by Rajiv youth Foundation in order to help the public to get Donor easily in portal anybody who is willing to donate blood can enter their details and anybody who needs blood can enter into this portal and find out the list and address of volunteer donors from their nearby places.

Integrated Watershed Programme

WMP is aimed at a comprehensive department of the watershed in a block panchayat area that crosses the limits of a single Panchayat. 
Thus IWMP envisages the convergence of all resources in a block panchayat area based on the data prepared with the help of GIS studies. 
RYF is entrusted with the preparation of detailed project report-DPR in 7 block panchayats after conducting elaborate exercises such as PRA, sURVEYS, Field visits, Data Collection, Consolidation, preparation of preliminary Action Plan, exploring convergence opportunities with other Agencies, and final submission of projects.

SILAI School Project Started in 2016

Rajiv youth Foundation was selected as a channel partner of SILAI School founded by M/S Usha International Limited for providing advanced training in fashion technology and designing for women from deprived sections of the society. 
The project was started in April 2012 in which 20 women were given free residential training. 

Moreover, they were provided with a free sewing machine worth rupees 5000 to help them to provide training to other 20 interested women in their vicinity, In the year 2016 the same project we started in Thiruvananthapuram district also and we provide 20 Sewing Machines and training to selected women.

Jalanidhi Project by Rajiv Gandhi Foundation

We are implementing the Jala Nidhi project in adippatta Panchayath.
This is a project under Kerala rural water supply and sanitation agency (RRWSA). G o v t. of Kerala this project aims to provide a sufficient quantity of pure drinking water to all people living in this Panchayath.
Also implementing groundwater recharging, School sanitation, and household toilet programs under this project the estimated cost of this project is Rs 10 crores.

Western Ghat Development Programme.

Decentralized planning on the basis of water shed development is perceived as the sustainable development model in the current scenario.
Western Ghat’s development problem is such as a natural resource management program that aims at the eco-restoration of the western Ghat area through integrated approaches in soil conservation, agriculture, and animal husbandry.
The main activities envisaged include conversation of natural water bodies, creation of water recharging structure, improvement of soil fertility, and provision for livelihood development in agriculture animal husbandry and allied sectors.
Rajiv youth Foundation has been selected as the implementing agency of the Western Ghat development project in 4 panchayaths in Malappuram district, 1 panchayat in Kozhikode district, and 3 panchayats in Thiruvananthapuram district.

Swanthanam – Medical AID for Poors.

This is a program of Rajiv youth Foundation to help poor people to get medical aid under this program, this year also we conducted medical camps in various places it includes general medical camps, Speciality medical campus, Cancer detection camps, Heart surgery camps, ETC..
In these camps, we did not charge any registration fees and the treatment and medicine distribution were at free of cost.
We conducted heart disease detection camps are part of our program “Hridhayapoorvam” and provide financial and other assistance to TWO poor patients to conduct the ear surgery successfully.

Rajiv youth Foundation implemented CAPART.

Rajiv youth Foundation has associated with CAPART. in implementing various rural development activities. 
The rainwater harvesting project implemented in pallikkal Panchayat of Malappuram district was well appreciated by the beneficiaries and the officers alike.
Gramadhree Mela held in December 2011 at Calicut was another venture held with financial assistance from CAPART.

The Rajiv Youth Foundation was formed by the Farmers’ Club under NABARD

The formation of farmers clubs are an extension activity of NABARD intended at the formation of farmers groups, provide necessary technical training and exposure visits as well as financial support for up-gradation of the Year activity Rajiv youth Foundation was selected as an agency for the formation of farmers club under never in Malappuram district. 
More than 100 farmers were organized in three clubs micro Enterprises such as a diary, got reading and vegetable for me has started under this clubs.