Aimed at comprehensive development of watershed in a Block Panchayath area which crosses the limits of a single Panchayath. Thus IWDP envisages the convergence of all resources in a block Panchayath area based on the data prepared with the help of GIS studies. GIS is used to delineate various geographical formations cropping patterns and natural water bodies. Activities are proposed on a large scale covering a wide area, over a period of 3- years and ensuring step by step implementation right from DPR formation. Periodic monitoring and reporting ensures proper implementation of the project. RYF is entrusted with preparation of detailed project report-DPR in these Panchayaths after conducting elaborate exercises such as PRA, surveys, field visits data collection consolidation, preparation of preliminary action plan, exploring convergence opportunities with other agencies and final submission of projects Besides, once the funds are allotted we are supposed to associate with various agencies to implement those activities including capacity building.

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